Collaborative Centers

IAF recognize major challenges facing businesses and governments in the Asian region with special focus on those operating in the ASEAN countries comprising Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand Philippine, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. Some of those challenges relate to up-skilling of human capital, digital and technological innovation, balance of trade, food security, infrastructure development, climate change, sustainable forest management, urbanization and quality of life.

Thus, IAF’s collaborative centers will function as a platform for exchange of ideas, sharing of resources, pooling of expertise, formulation of blueprints, roll out of action plans and sourcing of project delivery partners that would address some of the challenges as outlined especially in ASEAN Countries but not excluding other members of the Asian countries that would need the services of IAF’s collaborative centers.

The initial list of IAF’s Collaborative Centers include:

 IAF Center for Up-skilling and Manpower Exchange 

 IAF Centre For Affordable Housing 

 IAF Center for Public Infrastructure and Utility 

 IAF Centre for Sustainable Forest Management 

 IAF Centre For Technological Start-up Hub 

 IAF Centre for Economic Area Development 

Leadership Circles

IAF recognized the roles of Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations as catalyst of business and economic developments in their respective countries. As such, IAF would gradually establish bi-lateral and multi-lateral business leadership forum so as to harness the respective strength of various business leaders for mutual benefits and gains.