The 21st Century has been described as Asia’s Century with global growth shifting towards Asia. Three of the world’s 10 largest economies are in Asia – China, India, Japan. The ASEAN 10 collectively with a combined USD1.3 trillion economy is the 7th largest economy in the world – projected to be the world’s 4th largest by 2030. Hence, investment into Asia will continue to grow and thrive.

The new Asian Century requires connectivity as well as enhancing business, economic and investment relations with the West, in particular with USA and Europe. Intra-Asia Trade and Investments will also drive growth and development. Increasingly, Asia need the 4I’s – Investment, Innovation, Ideas and Interaction.

The Invest Asia Foundation (IAF) is well-placed to offer these 4I’S. The IAF was established to be an Advisory and Interaction hub, catalyst and clearing house to capital raising and investment-related activities in Asia.